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Мы были очень рады визиту Дано Ибарры, Международного Вице-президента Jive, крупнейшей частной компании по voice IP в США. Были обсуждены тенденции развития Voice IP на рынке и интеграция Jive с Zoho.

Вы хотите узнать больше о том, как Jive использует ZOHO для управления собственным бизнесом? Мы надеемся, что вам понравится интервью.

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Hello Dano. We have you today in our office in SagitaZ and we are very glad to see you here.
Thank you very much. It´s great to be here.
Perfect. Dano Ybarra, Vice President International at Jive, right?
Great. Dano, I would like to ask as a representative of the Jive communications, how have you met Zoho? How did you start your relations with Zoho?
I´m an entrepreneur and I’ve started many mini businesses over my career.
And each time I started a business I chose Zoho to run our business from CRM side to the accounting, to the finances, even inventory and other aspects.
So I was very familiar with Zoho when I started it at Jive.
One thing that´s always been missing from Zoho is a phone system.
That´s tightly integrated so you never have to leave Zoho. So a couple years ago I started the initiative at Jive to integrate with Zoho.
And that integration is complete today both on the CRM side as well as the help desk side.
Perfect. Inside of Jive to manage your business you use Zoho tools. In which areas and what kind of tools exactly from Zoho do you use?
We use as many as possibly we can. We certainly use CRM to accept leads and track those leads.
We also use Books for doing our billing, invoicing and other reporting. So we can see the health and wealth of our business and how it´s going.
We also use other tools. For example, tracking website usage and time spent in different pages, so we can better understand our customers and how to make our websites better and more effective.
In addition to that we use other smaller tools like the notebook and other tools that Zoho provides for run our business better.
That´s great. Also in the relation exactly with SagitaZ, I know that SagitaZ has developed agents’ portal, right? You call it like that? How you have found out this need to build this application? And what is this application? What is the use?
Jive when we set up in Mexico and Brasil and chose to sell only through channel partners. And we call them agents.
And in order for agents to be able to quote opportunities to potential customer we needed tool where they could also access to all of our information such as our price book and other valuable information that we store inside of Zoho.
So we asked SagitaZ to create what we called the agent portal or the partner portal.
So that our agents can actually go in and receive leads, which we generate for them, track those leads, and also so they can generate quotes from our price book and that helps us keep control of our pricing, but also helps to automate and systemize their use of our systems and our use of our systems.
And really just helps our tracking in general. We can see how our agents are doing.
We can report their commission earnings to them and a lot of other cool little features we built in this agent portal.
And SagitaZ was the one who actually created this.
Perfect. So you are happy with solution?
We are very happy with the solution. And more important, our agents are extremely happy with the solution we´ve provided them.
Perfect. And I heard that you would like to add some more functionality to this portal, right?
Yes, we plan on having SagitaZ building some additional functionality to help again our agents have better visibility into their customers. For example, have they made the payments? They know, they don´t get commissions unless we get paid from customers.
And so this is the way for them to also track who´s been making the payments, are there on time.
So they can help follow up, which helps Jive, it helps them, and it helps the customers.
Of course, to get transparency and more trust for the agents, right?
Perfect. And last question, would you advice to other people, other companies to try Zoho?
Absolutely. As a many time Zoho user of myself and now with the power of integrating the phone system with Zoho, we recommend Zoho to all the small businesses that we talk to about voice communication and another types of communications. We talk to them about Zoho and how the power of that integration automates their systems, streamlines the customer experience and enhances that customer experience by having both systems integrated together.
Thank you very much. I think there can´t exist even better recommendation.
Thank you very much, Dano. We are very happy to have you in our office in SagitaZ. And you are always welcome to our home.
Well, thank you for your hospitality.